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To provide independent restaurants and local chains in Ibadan with an outstanding online ordering and delivery service. To showcase restaurants in Ibadan, both traditional and modern, without discrimination, and have their menus communicated effectively with their customers. To change the landscape of the food service industry in Ibadan, and create an enabling and thriving environment for existing and new food entrepreneurs. To create a new food culture in Ibadan, comparable with that which obtains in the best environments. To provide an increased quality of life for Ibadan city residents. To have every customer who uses Jeun for the first time impressed by our ease of use, reliability and efficacy, and eager to use the service again. To provide all our partner companies a cooperative, professional, and mutually rewarding business experience.



We are building a company that creates value by listening to the market and responding to its needs. Jeun wants to be the Leading online ordering platform in Nigeria. To consistently provide good customer service, establish and maintain an open relationship with restaurants and customers, and revolutionize the way we eat in Nigeria.

What is jun?                                    

Jeun is simply a platform for hungry people in Ibadan (passing through or living in the city) to order food online from their favorite restaurants in the red-roof city. This can be done via our website. Orders may be picked-up personally by the customer, or conveniently delivered to office or home locations, by our reliable Jeun delivery service.

Our main functions are:

Online ordering: By simply picking up a tablet, phone, or laptop, customers have quick access to your restaurant. Your menu will be replicated on our webpage, giving customers full information on what’s on offer by your restaurant e.g. your prices, promos, location, and any other information you wish to communicate. Also, any changes or upgrades to your menu can be easily added to our website.


“Make it easier for customers to find and order food from you”

Delivery: This is a complementary and highly desirable service to further improve business. Customers will now have the power to order-in from the comfort of their homes or from the office, eliminating hindrances such as bad weather, traffic, limited lunch-times, or the lack of desire to go out, which would have stopped them from ordering from your restaurant in the first place.

For more information on how to join the Jeun movement, and get your restaurant listed with us, please send Jeun a mail. Improve your business with Jeun!


Send us an email at jeun.ng@gmail.com and we will forward you the Jeun brochure!

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